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Equity Indexed Annuities


We specialize in working with Individuals, Small Businesses, and Independent Contractors in creating their own individual pension plan, Without Stock Market Risk! Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they will receive a monthly paycheck for life ….. even if their account drops to a zero balance over time! Guaranteed Lifetime Income addresses one of the biggest fears retirees have which is running out of money. Let one of our licensed rollover specialist show you how to Create Your Own Individual Pension Plan and safeguard your funds from stock market risk!

We work with some of the strongest, and safest companies on the market today!

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Receive up to a 20% Match on your 401k or IRA Rollover!

Rollover this amountYour beginning balance will be

We represent several A+ rated Insurance Carriers offering premium bonuses (also referred to as a match) which range from 6% -20%. A one page “suitability form” is required by all Insurance Carriers in the State of California to determine the amount of your premium bonus match.


If you’re looking for UPSIDE POTENTIAL WITHOUT DOWNSIDE RISK, consider an Equity Indexed Annuity for your 401k or IRA Rollover. Remember, the stock market lost almost 40% of it’s value in 2008! However, none of our clients who owned Equity Index Annuities lost a penny during the economic downturn of 2008. Don’t expose yourself to Stock Market losses with your hard earned retirement savings. To learn more about the tremendous Benefits and Guarantees of an equity indexed annuity, click the 3 minute video below.

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